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Mineral Salts Replacement

Endeavon Mineral Salts Replacement for Horses is intended for use after periods of excessive sweating due to physical exertion, stress of transport, and high temperatures.

Suitable for most working horses and dogs.


Racing horses, polo ponies, endurance horses, horses at stud, show horses, travelling horses, lactating mares....

30g-120g daily, mixed into feed. The actual dose depends on the bodyweight and on whether normal or heavy sweat conditions prevail.


1) This product is intended for normal healthy horses. It is not intended for those with kidney ailments, nor when any condition prevents the normal passage of urine.

2) Water deprived horses should be carefully rehydrated (by controlling the rate of water intake) before feeding mineral salts.

3)Ensure that plenty of fresh drinking water is available at all times during Mineral Salts usage.

Mineral Salts Replacement.png
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